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“NRN Investment Ltd has been registered in Kathmandu under the Company Act 2063,” in Nepal (September, 2012) with a main motive of collective investment at hydropower sector in initial phase and to explore other investment avenues of national priorities too in future.                              
Concept Paper on Collective Investment
The Kathmandu Declaration of the 5th Global Conference had envisaged bringing home collective investment, primarily in the government-prioritized sectors in Nepal by working closely in collaboration with the NRNA, the GoN and the FNCCI. Today, we have established a Public Limited Company, registered with the Company Registrar's Office, Kathmandu under the banner of NRN Investment Limited to meet our collective objectives of participating in the nation's development through direct investment. We are thankful to all the colleagues who have supported in materializing this concept and shown keen interest in investing in this mission.

The collective investment concept seeks to embrace a large number of Nepali communities living abroad. Every Nepali has a desire to contribute to the development of his or her mother country no matter where they live. Many NRN friends, who have little idea and no time for operating enterprises were looking for investment opportunities and interested to contribute by investing in the development of their motherland. NRN Investment Limited has acted as a catalyst in attracting and facilitating Nepali Diaspora investment in Nepal.

The gateway to this opportunity has been the NRN Act 2064 B.S. and the Bylaws 2066 B.S. This Act entitles NRNs and PNOs an opportunity to invest in Nepal as a resident Nepali or FDI. The Government of Nepal has declared 2012/013 as investment year and has promised to engender a conducive environment for investment. In this backdrop, a hydro power of 27 MW has been started to be developed as the Company's initial undertaking. Hydro power has been the first preference because of its potentiality in contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation, its market potentials, certainty of prices and value addition to the national resources. Its natural inclination towards the local market is a promising investment opportunity.

We call upon all NRN friends to join hands together and invest whatever they can, for a brighter Nepal, and of course, for a profitable future. It is only through collective efforts that our common dream of prosperous Nepal can be achieved. Together we can make a difference!


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Dordhi Khola Jalabidhyut Aayojana 2015
Dordhi Khola Jalabidhyut Aayojana 2015
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