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Haikyuu Otome

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Haikyuu Otome

Stay in the Haikyuu verse Haikyuu Otome is a free simulation game created by indie developer Nahla for fans of the popular anime series Haikyuu. As the name suggests, this is an otome game where players can become students at their favorite high school from the series. In addition, they can even become a club member in the volleyball club. However, the Haikyuu Otome is still in the pre-alpha version. There is no other school than Karasuno. There’s not much in the game either, except; Join the club Haikyuu Otome is a life simulation game featuring the Haikyuu verse. It enables you to lead a student’s life at one of the schools introduced in the series. It also introduces you to some original characters: Alice and Richiyowho will be present as you step into the game. Unlike other visual romance games, you have the choice to name your character. You also have a choice in your gender. But you have nothing to say about what your characters look like there. However, this does not mean much, because the game is played from a first person; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Once your character is set up, you and your friends can walk around the school and look for a club to join. There are five clubs you can join: boys ‘volleyball, girls’ volleyball, art, football and photography. Before you officially join the club, you can explore the information and get information by having a club member explain what the club’s activities are. Note that when you join the sports club, you will only become a manager and not; As mentioned, this game is a pre-alpha version, which means the whole game is still going on. What you can get from this version is really just the introduction. You can just set your character and choose a club. Although it has three prefectures and six school choices, you can only go to Karasuno. To make matters worse, it did not introduce any of the canonical characters except; Just a snap Haikyuu Otome is a chance for fans of the popular series to live out their imagination to live with their favorite volleyball team, that is, if the game will actually allow it. As of now, however, there is not much in the game except for the three main characters that you and your other two friends and the club you join, no cannon crew has appeared, and you can not do any club activity yet. This version is more like a preview of what’s going to come during the game.

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