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ParkControl 2.2 fast-dl download free torrent

ParkControl 2.2

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ParkControl 2.2

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Users of our website o16rus give advice on this program and now I hasten to share with you. So, here is a mobile application that allows advanced users to disable CPU core parking without restarting the system. In general, working with this program is easy, but not everyone understands why this parking lot is needed and what it does, so I think it is not suitable for many, you can download ParkControl below.

Note that the application can be saved to a USB device and launched from there. In addition, there is no data left in the register. If we look at the interface, then everything is simple, you need to choose the power profile, there is “High performance”, “Balanced”, “Energy saving”. On the right you see the state of the processor. You can restore the default settings if you wish.

ParkControl works fast, uses almost no computer resources, overall good development, I hope there is a future.

Program features:

ParkControl is a small utility that allows customers to control the scale of CPU downtime and playback on their computers

It changes the settings when the computer is not running, weakening certain centers that restart when turned on.

This is a Windows anti-degradation tool that is tuned for battery performance.

Users have constant control over CPU shutdown, allowing customers to choose between switching between display and battery performance via a choke, such as repeatability scaling.

The program is a personalized tool that allows you and me to expand our capabilities for specific procedures and, if necessary, set it aside for other procedures, which is an important part that many customers of stop center utilities want to have.

ParkControlcan completely revert to default settings after installation without leaving permanent changes.

Developer: Bitsum LLC

License: ShareWare


Size: 2MB

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if necessary.

2). This is ready

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