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Startup Sound Changer

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Startup Sound Changer

While you’re tired of Windows’ default SoundOs, you’re the type of person who likes to customize every little thing whenever the opportunity arises, this small but powerful program can be a great addition to your collection of tool settings. Startup Sound Changer is a customization application that allows you to change the default startup sound to what you want. It’s a fairly simple program, but great to try out if you want to play with computer sounds. TuneEverione Classic, which is used to work with Windows computers, will definitely know its classic sound when started in memory. Startup sound is what the computer will play each time it prepares for a new usage session. This is one of the sounds that people will always associate with Windows, especially since it is one of the sounds that you will never be able to change. By default, Windows allows you to customize the look of your operating system, including wallpaper, screen saver, audio theme for various commands, and even the look of your mouse. However, Windows doesn’t let you go too far. And if you want to change some other functions that are blocked by default, you will have to resort to a third party (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Startup Sound Changer is one of the independent applications that allows you to change the sound when you start your computer. Created and developed, the app justifies its name. You can use it to set any audio file as your new startup sound so that you hear it every time you open your computer. There are only three functions in this application. Playback allows you to listen to the current audio file at startup, so you can check for changes. A reset, on the other hand, allows you to replace the current sound with a new audio file. However, it must be in VAV format. Finally, Restore resets the changes that allow you to revert todefault ringtone. However, users must keep in mind that they need administrator permission to make changes. AllStartup Sound Changer is pretty good for a customization app. Unfortunately, it is quite small and single-purpose. Also, although it does not need to be installed, it does not have any shortcuts that you can easily access. So, if you want to make any changes again, you need to download the file to run it. It also has very few other features. Also, it only receives WAV files. You may want to get an updated version of it, Vinaero Tweaker, because there are other customization tools with it.

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