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WinTools net Premium 20 Free Download Torrent

WinTools net Premium 20

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WinTools net Premium 20

A toolkit for Windows that optimizes and increases performance. This package allows you to completely remove unwanted software from disk drives and dead addresses from the Windows registry. Professional gives you control over the Windows boot process, memory monitoring, and allows you to customize your desktop and system settings to suit your needs. It also takes care of your privacy and protects sensitive data, adding more speed and stability to your connection.

Professional includes tools: Clean Uninstaller, File Scan, Scan Shortcuts, Registry Scan, Startup Manager, Installation Interface, Network Tweaker, Privacy, Invisible Man, File

Clean the uninstaller

Use it to get rid of the software properly. Also to monitor changes to the hard drive, MS Windows registry and system files during program installation.

Scan files

To periodically clean the hard drive from dead addresses, junk and obsolete files generated by other software. These files and addresses remain on the hard drive and extend access to the drive.

Scan the registry

Use it to periodically clean the MS Windows Registry from unused applications left behind after removal and invalid credentials that reduce system speed and system load time.

Startup Manager

This tool allows you to check, add, delete, enable and / or disable individual startup items. You can also modify applications that were started when the operating system was loaded.

Set up user interface

Here are a series of additional adjustments relating to security, system capability and user preferences. And not included in the basic components of MS Windows.

Only Tweaker

The tool is used to increase data transfer speeds and increase connection stability by changing hidden network settings.

Privacy. Here is a set of tools that protect your privacy and hold sensitive data. It consists of three basic parts: “Items to Delete”, “Invisible Man” and “File Crusher”.

Invisible man

This tool is used to save and then restore private data. This is useful if you do not want data stored by the system.

File crusher

This is a tool for securely deleting documents, programs and all other files without the ability to restore them.

Memory Consolidation (Free). This tool is used to monitor, clean and optimize RAM. It is used to improve operating system performance and to release RAM for use in other processes.



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